Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes

In 2013 I wrote the following article for CHIRAPAQ (Center for Indigenous Peruvian Culture) and CLACS at NYU (Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies), as part of field research for my thesis about Quechua Radio.

Part I  was published on the Chirapaq website, Part II  on the  CLACS at NYU site.
The entire article is below.

The focus of my thesis is on Quechua language, culture and media. During winter break last January, I went to Lima and met with CHIRAPAQ headquarters, an NGO in Peru that supports indigenous culture.

One of their oldest projects is “Sapinchikmanta,” which means “From our roots” in Quechua. This project trains people in Ayacucho and other parts of Andes to produce radio shows in the Quechua language along with Spanish.

I decided to start my field work by attended the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. I followed and attended presentations on community radio from Guatemala, and met people who identify themselves as indigenous from different parts of Latin America.

In mid-June I arrived in Huamanga, the capital of Ayacucho where I began my work by meeting the staff of CHIRAPAQ at their office in this city.

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